Clanview VR

Clanview VR

Technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality are permeating our society at an ever increasing rate.

Here at Clanview, we wanted to take our instantly shareable, web-based 3D family tree and push the boundaries even further by adding a virtual reality experience.

Clanview VR is the result – helping you reach the next generation of family members with your shared family tree.

What is Clanview VR?

Clanview VR is included for free in all Clanview products.  It is simply an option available to choose when sharing your Clanview 3D Family Tree.

The Clanview VR feature allows someone who receives a shared Clanview VR link to explore the Clanview 3D Family Tree in a virtual reality space using a “VR Viewer”.  Watch our video (above) to see how it works.

The VR Viewers we aim to support include:

  • Google Cardboard (i.e. An Android phone slotted into “Google Cardboard” goggles).
  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Go
  • Oculus Quest
  • Samsung Gear VR

How does a Researcher Share Clanview VR?

You can share your Clanview 3D Family Tree in VR form a similar way to how you share a regular Clanview.

After using Clanview Manager to publish your Clanview 3D Family Tree, open it for exploring from your list of My Clanviews.

Then, when exploring your Clanview 3D Family Tree, click on the Share button in the toolbar at the bottom.

The normal Share dialog will appear.  Instead of clicking the usual Copy Link button however, click on the Copy VR Link button.

As before, your Clanview web link will be copied to “the clipboard” ready for you to then “Paste” into a message of your choosing to send to someone.

The difference is that this VR link can be opened and explored within virtual reality using a compatible VR Viewer.

How does a Recipient Explore Clanview VR?

A recipient of a Clanview VR link will see one major difference when they open the Clanview link – an “ENTER VR” button at the top of the page.

The ENTER VR button will display only IF the recipient is using a device that supports Clanview VR.

If the recipient’s device does not support Clanview VR the Clanview 3D family tree cannot be explored using the shared Clanview VR link.  Instead, the researcher will need to share a regular Clanview link with this person.

Clanview VR is only supported by a limited number of VR Viewer devices at this time – which unfortunately excludes some smartphones such as Apple iPhones.  Hopefully Apple will add support for this technology soon.

We hope you will try Clanview VR and encouraged you to share a Clanview VR link with family members that you know use virtual reality.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at