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Clanview is a tool available to anyone researching family history.  Self-publish family history easily and share it effectively as an interactive 3D family tree that relatives can explore on any device without any catches.

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    Publishing a family tree presents a unique challenge that needs fresh thinking

Sharing family history shouldn't be difficult

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Clanview is an interactive experience for everyone

Publish, Share and Repeat

Self-publish your Clanview in minutes saving you hours, days or even weeks. Share Clanview with relatives for "One-step Viewing" on any device that recipients will be happy to open When your research changes, simply repeat.

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Simple sharing with family around the globe

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How do you share your family history?

Emailing long PDF files? Posting dry books? Tackling Website development? Or perhaps not at all? With Clanview sharing is as simple as sending a unique Clanview link to your relatives or perhaps a collaborator. The trusted recipient can immediately explore your family history as a Clanview on any device.* No catches for recipients like sign-up, setup or hidden fees!

* Majority of touch devices, laptops and PCs supported. See Terms Of Use for details.

Make your life easier

Help others to help you

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Clanview promotes the “give and take” with others that's necessary to solve your family history puzzle. Swapping family history data can be a great way to grow your family research but it comes with risks. Others can modify your data recklessly, resulting in countless hours of work later having to fix their mistakes. You no longer need to give away your precious data and simply hope for the best. Clanview uses a secure copy of your data that cannot be modified by others. Any recipient is free to explore the family history but not change the information. Feedback is still encouraged, but controlled, using a built-in "Feedback to Author" function. All the help, without the heartache.

“I have just looked at the newest release ... it is just fabulous!”
“Clanview is a fantastic tool for family historians to share their trees”
Terri U.
WA Genealogy Society Committee
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