B2B Integration

B2B Integration

Integrate your company’s genealogy software with Clanview and delight your users with a modern 3D family tree experience.

Sharing Family History

How do you deliver an innovative family tree exploring and sharing feature while minimising the work, cost and risk for your company?

Clanview was built to meet the needs of the next generations – targeting the limitations of traditional family history publishing and sharing by developing an interactive, web-based, 3D solution that can be shared easily and explored instantly on any device.

We have addressed requirements for published family history that didn’t exist only a short time ago – for both genealogists and non-researchers.

Instant Sharing

Visual 3D Presentation

Interactive Interface

Any Computer or Device

A B2B (business-to-business) integration between your genealogy software/service and Clanview has the potential to unlock even more capabilities, including:

  • Display of ancestor photos within the Clanview Explorer.
  • Editing of ancestor data within the Clanview Explorer.
  • Customise the Clanview Explorer look to align with the theme of your genealogy software/service.

Integrate and Grow

Genealogy is on an inevitable evolutionary path that Clanview has already embraced.

Clanview is the perfect complement for any genealogy research software or online service.  A B2B integration with Clanview is a forward thinking strategy that embraces the next generations of family history researchers and non-researchers alike.

There is endless potential and integration is far easier than you might think.

In its simplest form, integrating Clanview into your software means your users can have a “Publish Clanview” button right next to your “Print Family Tree” button giving them direct access to easily publish their own 3D family tree to explore and share.


Here’s 5 ways an integration with Clanview helps your company:

  1. Differentiate your product with a modern and progressive feature that solves the limitations of printed family history.
  2. Use the light Clanview integration option that minimises your work to include Clanview with your software.
  3. Attract new customers who expect more than traditional paper-printed diagrams, charts and reports.
  4. “Own” the future of family tree publishing and sharing as a pillar of your software/service.
  5. Build customer loyalty with an inclusive approach to sharing that allows your users to reach everyone else.
And we are continuing to innovate new Clanview features that deliver even more benefits for all.  Next-gen users are already exploring the new wave of virtual reality and augmented reality software.  Our service already includes Clanview VR delivering an immersive virtual reality family tree experience.

Experience and Trust

At Vicinity View, we draw on years of experience and expertise to deliver a family history publishing and sharing solution that combines the universal reach of web-based services with 3D and VR – all within the user’s browser.

  • 2021 is our 5th year of innovating and evolving next-gen services in the genealogy space.
  • We have 25 years of software development experience working in large companies and small software houses.

An integration with Clanview includes:

  • A well-designed code base and platform architecture that can be adapted to meet your requirements.
  • Years of genuine agile and rapid software development to deliver at pace.
  • An intimate understanding of the latest technology to minimise risk while maximising value.
The proof is in our product suite.  We are very proud to have already developed innovative family tree publishing & sharing that not only delivers a 3D solution but now also delivers this as an optional web-based experience in VR.
To explore the opportunities of integrating Clanview with your genealogy research service, please contact us at contact@clanview.com or reach out via our Contact Us page.