The Rocky Road that Inspired Clanview

Maybe our founder's story of family history research is not that different to yours?

After discovering some census records for a lost great uncle I soon saw the value in researching my family history:

  • the buzz of discovering unknown relatives,
  • the importance of capturing stories before they were lost,
  • and the reward of a hobby with meaning for the whole family.

The Rocky Research Road

I was content to work inside the “bubble” that was my research software for a while, but as my family history grew, so did my problems.

  • My family tree became too big to print and show my relatives – and it left out ancestor stories!
  • I wasn’t ready to publish a book and expected each copy would only gather dust anyway.
  • My relatives were interested to see my research but the slightest obstacle would put them off.

Thinking Outside the (Research) Bubble

I wondered why there wasn’t an easy way to publish and share my latest family tree effectively!

  • A way to share family history using a link just like I could share Microsoft Office documents or Google docs.
  • A way to print large family trees and also include ancestor stories.
  • A way for any family member to open and explore their family tree instantly on any computer or touch device.

A Better Way

Along with a small team we spent the next 3 years developing Clanview to address these needs and more.

The result is a tool that compliments all family history research software. A modern approach that solves the unique challenges of publishing and sharing family history.

You never know which road your research will lead you down – but with Clanview along for the ride it’s bound to be a richer experience for everyone.

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