5 Rules for Safely Sharing Family Trees on the Web

Ever wondered, “Should I share my family history on the web?”

People often have lots of questions about this.

Is it safe?   Is it easy?   Is it cheap?

Here are 5 common sense rules that Clanview follows to safely publish and privately share family history on the web.

Rule 1: Exclude personal information about living people

If you’re worried others might see it, don’t include it to start with!

This is how Clanview works.  When you publish your Clanview 3D family tree, it automatically removes personal information about living people.

But only for your published Clanview.  It never changes your original data.

Rule 2: Use a secret web address that only you know

Don’t create a public website that the whole world can find.

The chances of someone guessing your web address should be more remote than an asteroid striking the earth (and that’s pretty remote)!

This is how Clanview works.  No asteroids yet!

Rule 3: Check it before you share it

Don’t tell anyone about your published family history until you’re satisfied it’s ok.

And when you do share it, just send a private message – don’t broadcast it to the whole world.

This is how Clanview works.  Simple and private.

Rule 4: Encrypt your family history

If it’s going to be online it needs to be encrypted.

Sound complicated?  What if you could get someone else to do it?

This is how Clanview works.  In fact, all of our web communications are encrypted.

Rule 5: Don't allow reckless changes

Allowing others to change your research directly simply creates work for you, the researcher.

But you can still make it as easy as possible to receive feedback from others – that you can check first.

This is how Clanview works.  Others can send you feedback (while they are exploring your shared family tree) that goes  straight to your inbox for your review.

And if you ever want to stop your selected recipients from viewing your Clanview, just delete it.  You can always publish another one later using your latest family history data (it only takes a few minutes).

Discover how much you can get done with Clanview

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