Great New Tool for Family History Researchers

Clanviews, Ships and Robins

“A ship in the harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for”
Your family history research deserves to be shared and enjoyed by others!

Robin enjoyed researching her family history. All of her extended family were interested in their shared family history but none of them owned any family history software. They were also spread far and wide across the country and around the world.

Robin’s relatives happen to use WhatsApp instant messaging to stay in touch, so Robin created a group chat that included everyone (they could have used something else like Skype or Messenger).

Following 3 simple steps, Robin used her Clanview Account to “publish” her current family history data as a Clanview 3D family tree that she could share privately. She sent the unique Clanview web link to everyone on her family group chat – for each person to open instantly and explore in their browser.

Cousin David was able to open the shared Clanview family tree with one touch on his tablet. He instantly started exploring and interacting with ancestors in the 3D family tree.

Jill opened the family Clanview on her laptop, immediately searched for herself, and saw the family tree re-display from her perspective, with herself front & centre as the focus of the tree.

Kate opened Clanview and noticed her Grandfather’s birth date was wrong. She used Clanview’s “Feedback to Author” feature to suggest a correction which was automatically sent directly to Robin’s inbox for her to verify before making any changes in her research software.

Mike used Clanview to explore deeper into ancestor stories and was thrilled to discover his great grandmother was a nurse just like him.

Lisa opened the family Clanview and was concerned about about her personal details – but wisely, Clanview had excluded all personal identification details for living people by default.

Robin then made changes to her family history data and, in just a few minutes, updated the Clanview with her latest family history research using the “Re-publish” feature.

There was nothing more for anyone to do. The next time any recipient opened Clanview they would see the latest family history information.

Reach out to your family!

Add Clanview to your family history toolkit today!

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