Clanview Explained

Share your family history
as a 3D family tree

Clanview is the modern alternative to paper-printed family trees, ancestor charts and family history books.

Clanview is a great new way to instantly "publish", explore and share family history.

It uses the family history data you have gathered in your genealogy program or online service.

An interactive 3D family tree to engage your relatives - no catches, no obstacles, no excuses.

Wondering where to start?

“Publishing” a Clanview 3D family tree is not like publishing a book.  Clanview gives you a quick and convenient alternative to printing that you can do as often as you wish – as long as you have some family history data.

I'm New to Family Trees

If you’re looking for a free and easy way to create your family tree – we can help.  Start from scratch and transform your notes into a 3D family tree in no time.

I Have Some Family History Data

If you have already entered some family history data into a genealogy program or online service, we can walk you through publishing your free 3D family tree now.

Either way, the result is your own 3D family tree to explore and share!

No Nasty Surprises

Clanview exists so the family history data in your genealogy tool can be shared and enjoyed as a 3D family tree.  You decide when to share it, with whom you share and when to stop.  We never provide your data to any third parties.  It’s in our privacy policy!

For Beginners and Experts

Use your online Clanview Account to automatically publish your flat family history data as a 3D family tree (on Windows or Mac).  Then share it with family to open instantly on their computer, tablet or smartphone – with no catches for recipients like sign-up, download or payment.

Balanced Secure Sharing

We balance strong security with effective sharing. Each 3D family tree has its own unique web address that’s impossible for others to guess, all sharing is encrypted, and we exclude personal information about any living person by default.

Sharing Family History

Great Value Plus Special Offer

No subscriptions

Clanview is a one-time purchase that allows indefinite publishing and unlimited sharing.  No recurring payments.


Clanview sharing is independent.  After publishing, each Clanview 3D family tree can be shared and explored without the need for any other program or service.

33% Discount Offer

Publish for the first time during your Clanview Free trial period and receive a $10 discount coupon, reducing Clanview Connect by 33% !*

 * Special offer limited to one per customer.  Available for limited time only.  All prices in US dollars.

Share and connect with family, no matter how far apart you are

“Clanview is a great option for those that want to share their family tree. Its visually appealing 3D tree is pretty irresistible.”
Natalie P
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I want to create my own 3D family tree

Get Clanview Free and transform your flat family history data into a 3D family tree you can share now.

Remember, we’re here to help.

Send any questions using our Contact Us page or email for assistance.

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