What people are saying about Clanview

With Clanview Connect you can publish your Clanview 3D family trees instantly on the web to share privately with unlimited relatives.

Here’s what others are saying about Clanview.

   Clanview's visually appealing 3D tree is pretty irresistible.   Cousins that have previously glazed over whilst you've shared your findings, will suddenly be eager to explore their heritage!

I really enjoyed zooming around the different branches of my own tree.   The 3D modelling really does bring to life the connections between different branches.

It was all so simple to set up too!   Load your GEDCOM and you're away!
   I highly recommend giving it a go.   I found it so useful and it’s particularly great for sharing.

When you're sharing with your relatives, you can individualise it to each person and they can see the tree from their perspective.   

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   They'll be excited to explore it without [any need for] logging in.

My Mom LOVED it, and thought it was super cool!!

That's exactly the kind of reaction you'll get when sharing it with family especially those who aren't already working on their family tree regularly.
   The ability to view it on any technological devices has been amazing.   I have viewed it on my desktop, laptop, Samsung phone and Kindle.

I also love that the people are marked with the flags of the country they come from.   No other genealogy program offers such an easy way of seeing quickly what country ancestors are from ... you could see which ancestors were the ones who immigrated.
   Clanview is first and foremost a "publishing and sharing tool" designed for any family history researcher to use instead of paying for a computer printer, chart printing service or book publisher.   Overcome the problems and costs involved with these alternative methods.

It's easy to view stories and info about your ancestor by double-clicking the info card below the figure.

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