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Instantly share and explore Clanview 3D family trees

Clanview is the new way to publish and share family history!

Clanview is an online service that anyone can use to transform their family history research into an amazing 3D family tree!

It takes just minutes to publish and seconds to share it. No more problems with paper printouts, charts and books.

Modern, simple, private and fun!

Share and connect with family, no matter how far apart you are

Sharing Family History
"Clanview is a fantastic tool for family historians to share their trees"
Terri U
WA Genealogy Society

Introducing Clanview VR

Play Video

You can try the new Clanview VR Demo experience yourself by following these 3 steps.

1. Check you have a supported VR Viewer

Check you you have one of the following VR Viewers:

  • “Google Cardboard” – An Android phone slotted into “Google Cardboard” goggles.
  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Go
  • Oculus Quest
  • Samsung Gear VR

2. Open this page in your VR Viewer

Open the browser in your VR Viewer and visit this same page.

3. Open the Clanview VR Demo

Select the button below.  If “ENTER VR” appears on your screen, select it and enjoy your virtual reality Clanview demo experience.

Clanview is Compatible

“Clanview is a great option for those that want to share their family tree. It's visually appealing 3D tree is pretty irresistible.

Cousins that have previously glazed over whilst you've shared your findings, will suddenly be eager to explore their heritage!”
Natalie P
Genealogy Stories

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