Clanview Connect


Clanview Connect will change the way you print and share your family history!

Here’s what you get:

  • Printing problems fixed.  A push-button solution to printing large family trees, confusing charts, long reports and dry books.
  • Sharing that works.  Zero obstacles to sharing an interactive, engaging 3D family tree that opens instantly on the recipient’s personal device.
  • Freedom to re-publish.  No worries if you update your family history data (using your research tool).  Simply re-publish your Clanview 3D family tree in minutes for all recipients to see the latest information immediately.
  • No limits.  Unlimited publishing of Clanview 3D family trees that are available for sharing indefinitely – independent of any genealogy research tool or service.
  • All product updates.  All future service enhancements automatically included.

Note: All prices in US dollars.

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