Amateur Pack – Refresher


A one-off purchase that allows you to refresh your existing Clanview 3D family tree by republishing it with your latest family history data.

NOTE: You must have already purchased the Amateur Pack (and be logged in to your account) in order to purchase this Refresher product.

Here’s what you get:

  • Republish your Clanview 3D family tree including ancestor notes/stories
  • 2 weeks to republish (“refresh”) the Clanview as often as you wish until satisfied
  • The Clanview family tree can include up to 1,000 people
  • Share privately with an unlimited number of people to explore instantly on any device
  • The ability to update a previously shared Clanview¬†with your latest family history data – so previous recipients automatically see the new data when they open it next
  • The republished Clanview is available indefinitely for others to explore in their own time
  • “Personalised Sharing” so that each recipient can instantly open a shared Clanview family tree from their own perspective

Price shown in US Dollars.

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