How to buy Clanview

Clanview Products

Clanviews can be purchased in two distinct products.

Clanview Value Pack
Single purchase, limited Clanviews, limited period
$9.95(US) per pack of 5
  • Create 5 "Standard" Clanviews only
  • Maximum of 5 Clanviews active at one time
  • Clanviews expire 6 months from the date of purchase
  • Unlimited Clanview sharing
  • All interactive features included
  • All collaboration features included
  • All product updates included
Clanview Economy Plan
Subscription, unlimited Clanviews, no expiry
$4.95(US) per month, billed annually
  • Create & delete unlimited "Renewable" Clanviews
  • Maximum of 5 Clanviews active at one time
  • Clanviews remain active while subscription is active
  • Unlimited Clanview sharing
  • All interactive features included
  • All collaboration features included
  • All product updates included

All prices shown in US Dollars.

Standard Clanviews include a complimentary 30 minute review period after creation – allowing an unsatisfactory Clanview to be deleted and recreated without affecting the total remaining Clanviews.

Each Clanview can contain a maximum of 1,000 people.

An “active” Clanview refers to a created Clanview (model) that has not been cancelled or deleted and can be used for exploring, sharing and collaborating.

What do you get?

Each Clanview in your purchased product gives you the ability to do the following:

1. Create

Automatically create a Clanview model using your chosen family history data.

2. Share

Share each unique Clanview web page with any trusted person (recipient) you choose.

3. Explore

Provide unlimited Clanview recipients an engaging, interactive experience to intuitively explore their family history on any device.

4. Collaborate

Receive controlled feedback from any recipient, conveniently prepared and sent directly to your email account.

Which Product is Right For You?

Clanview Value Pack

The Value Pack is a single purchase that you can repeat when you run out.  The Value Pack gives you great value over the medium term to leverage all the benefits Clanview offers.

Use Clanviews to maximise your productivity.  As your family history data grows, quickly publish and share it as a new Clanview to show people and encourage feedback.

Great for those part-time family history hobbyists or more serious researchers that only need Clanview for a limited period.

Clanview Economy Plan

The Economy Plan is a low maintenance, annual subscription that allows you to create Clanviews that can persist for the longer term.

Each Clanview created could reflect the known family history at a certain stage of ongoing research, or just one large branch of a very large family tree, or perhaps a different family’s history altogether.

This plan is perfect for family history researchers wanting long term Clanview availability (independent of their research tool), or, genealogists looking to present different family histories on an ongoing basis.

Clanview Benefits

Every Clanview comes with the following benefits.

Broad compatibility

Clanview works with the majority of genealogy research programs and online services - both old and new.

Engaging User Experience

A family tree that's displayed in 3D so each user can explore family history like never before.

Unlimited Sharing

Each special Clanview web address can be sent to an unlimited number of people to view as many times as they wish while the Clanview model remains active.

Any device, anytime, anywhere!

Any recipient can explore your Clanview family model on their device of choice: smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Majority of devices supported - just add internet access.

No Obstacles

A Clanview recipient simply opens and starts exploring. No need for the recipient to purchase, sign-in, download, install or setup anything.

Easy, Controlled Feedback

Anyone exploring a Clanview simply selects persons of interest and enters their feedback about them - all sent sent straight to the researcher to later review and validate - before updating.


A Clanview can be easily displayed so that each viewer becomes the centre of attention, suddenly making the viewer's family tree far more personal, relevant and interesting.


A created Clanview can exist independent of any online genealogy research service or research application.

Clanview is great value!

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