Welcome to the LIVE Clanview Demo
The Clanview Demo shows you what you can auto-create and share with your relatives in just minutes.

Below are some quick tips to get you familiar with all the Clanview features you and your relatives can enjoy.

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Impress Your Relatives 
To explore the Clanview, start by double-tapping on a golden ball to zoom in on one family.
Double-tap a person to focus on that person only.
Using double-taps in this manner allows anyone with access to the Clanview to explore it with ease.
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 Simple Tools Anyone Can Use
A handy group of buttons lives at the bottom of the Clanview page.
Hover over each button to learn what it does.
Give each one a try - they are very simple to use.
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Find Yourself
When you share your family Clanview, the first thing recipients want to do is find themselves.
The 'Search' button solves this problem.
Not only can you find anyone in your Clanview, but the family tree will display with that person as the centre of attention.
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Get Feedback to Fast-Track Your Research
Any user exploring a Clanview can select or de-select a person with a single tap.
The user can easily send you feedback regarding the history of selected people by using the 'Feedback to Author' button.
Minimal typing, fast and simple - and the feedback is sent as an email to your inbox for you to review. You decide whether to update your information!
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No More Printing!
Clanview expands infinitely - no need for long printouts, large PDFs or boring books.
Select a person with a gold plus "+" above their head.
This then shows a green navigation arrow indicating there are more relatives.
Simply double-tap the green arrow to reveal the next branch of relatives.
Are you ready to start exploring?
Remember, Clanview works on both touch devices and PCs. See it for yourself.
Use the email you receive from us to open the Clanview Demo on any device.
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