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Publishing Packs

A single purchase that solves printing & sharing family history

These products will have you publishing and sharing your family history as an interactive Clanview 3D family tree in minutes.

Clanview Free

Clanview FREE includes a free trial that gives you full access to ALL  Clanview Amateur Pack features for 2 weeks!


No payment card required!

Clanview AMATEUR PACK allows the casual family history researcher to easily publish and share their family history in minutes. 

Filled with features to engage your recipients, this is a very affordable option that takes all the hard work out of publishing and allows your family history to be seen, explored and enjoyed.

Clanview Hobbyist Product

Clanview HOBBYIST PACK is for the more serious family history researcher who has larger data and greater publishing and sharing needs.

It has all the same features as the AMATEUR PACK but with the power to publish multiple separate larger Clanviews.

For more information see the feature comparison table below.

Compare Packs

The following table compares all Clanview Publishing Pack features.

For more information about each feature, refer to the detailed explanation below the table.

Amateur Pack
Single purchase
  • Clanview 3D Exploring
  • Max Tree Size: 1,000 people
  • Max Active Clanviews: 1
  • Publishing Period: 1 month
  • Instant Sharing: Unlimited
  • Personalised Sharing: Yes
  • Feedback to Author: Yes
  • Sharing Availability: Indefinite
  • Refresh Existing Clanview: 1 month
  • Amateur Refresher Pack: Yes
  • All Future Upgrades: Yes
Hobbyist Pack
Single purchase
  • Clanview 3D Exploring
  • Max Tree Size: 5,000 people
  • Max Active Clanviews: 5
  • Publishing Period: 1 month
  • Instant Sharing: Unlimited
  • Personalised Sharing: Yes
  • Feedback to Author: Yes
  • Sharing Availability: Indefinite
  • Refresh Existing Clanview: 1 month
  • Hobbyist Refresher Pack: Yes
  • All Future Upgrades: Yes

All prices shown in US Dollars.

Pack Features Explained

Following is an explanation of each of the Publishing Pack features listed above.

Clanview 3D Exploring

Anyone exploring your Clanview family tree has access to all of the innovative Clanview Explorer features to navigate connected branches in 3D, find a focus person and dig deeper into an ancestor's details and stories.

Max Tree Size

This is the maximum number of people allowed in each Clanview 3D family tree.   This limit is applied automatically when publishing, regardless of how many ancestors are in your family history data.

Max Active Clanviews

This refers to the maximum number of published Clanview Family Trees that are allowed to be "active" at one time.   An active Clanview can be explored and also shared for others to explore (if permitted by your product).

Publishing Period

Don't worry if your published Clanview Family Tree doesn't look its best the first time... or even the second.   Each pack allows a lengthy publishing period to publish and re-publish Clanviews until you're satisfied.

Instant Sharing

When exploring your Clanview Family Tree, a user is able to obtain a special secret web link that is unique only to that Clanview.   The user simply sends this link to a trusted recipient (using their preferred method) who can then open your Clanview instantly and explore it on any device.

Personalised Sharing

Your Clanview Family Tree can be explored intuitively through connected ancestors, with each branch displayed in an appropriate 3D view.   Personalised Sharing allows the user to share their current view. When someone receives your shared link, they will open that same view - which may immediately show, for example, ancestors-in-common that they will recognise, or the recipient can even see them self front-and-centre, along with their direct ancestors.

Feedback to Author

Each person that receives a shared Clanview can send feedback to the "author" of the research while exploring it.   Ancestors that the user has "selected" will automatically be listed in the feedback message which is delivered directly to the researcher's inbox.   So you, the researcher, can verify the feedback first, before using your research program to update the data.

Sharing Availability

This feature indicates how long a published Clanview Family Tree is available to be explored by any trusted recipient who has received the special private web link.   To remove availability for everyone, simply delete the published Clanview.

Refresh Existing Clanview

It is always possible to delete a Clanview Family Tree and publish a new one.   Refresh Existing Clanview is a special, different feature however. This allows you to update the data for a previously published active Clanview.   The difference is the existing "refreshed" Clanview keeps the same unique web link so you don't need to re-send a new link to your recipients.   Instead, the next time they choose to open the previously shared Clanview, they will automatically see your refreshed (updated) family history.

All Future Upgrades

We are continually improving Clanview based on customer feedback and suggestions.   As a Clanview customer you (and the recipients you share your Clanview family tree with) will automatically receive all future enhancements to Clanview publishing, exploring and sharing.

...And Refresher Packs Available

No one ever really finishes researching their family history.   After publishing and sharing a Clanview with others, you'll no doubt receive feedback and discover new facts - revisiting your research periodically to add to it or update it. Simply purchasing a discounted, low-cost "Refresher pack" at a later date allows you to refresh ("re-publish") your existing Clanviews with your latest family history.   You save and others will see the latest information instantly the next time they open your shared Clanview link.

Want to publish larger family trees and share more Clanviews? 

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Clanview Benefits

All Clanview products come with the following benefits.

Broad compatibility

Clanview works with the majority of genealogy research programs and online services - both old and new.

Engaging User Experience

An interactive family tree that's displayed in 3D so each user can explore family history like never before.

Any device, anytime, anywhere!

Any recipient can explore your Clanview family model on their device of choice: smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. * Majority of devices supported - just add internet access.

No Obstacles

A Clanview recipient simply opens and starts exploring. No need for the recipient to purchase, sign-in, download, install or setup anything.


A Clanview can be easily displayed so that each viewer becomes the centre of attention, suddenly making the viewer's family tree far more personal, relevant and interesting.


A created Clanview can exist independent of any online genealogy research service or research application.

Clanview is great value!

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